Artist N. Adriana Knouf sent five sound art pieces. She created these pieces based on a personal aesthetic connected to her identification as a transgender woman, as well as her interest in sonic explorations, interferences, and the boundaries and limitations of communication technologies. The five pieces underwent post-production in collaboration with Fruta Bomba, a multidisciplinary and underground sound studio focused on feminist culture. Funded by the rapper Damarys Benavides and the transdisciplinary writer Lizabel Mónica, Fruta Bomba used Cuban rhythms and other local sounds to remix Knouf´s pieces into a Demo.

Lines sometimes meld when necessary (Photo by N. Adriana Knouf, composer, drone pilot).
Screenshot from the creating of the musical piece.
Nudge gently, but wake her now. From left to right: Yong Su Clark and P. Lucy McVeigh.
Where were they when the noise started. P. Lucy McVeigh.